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tv   ABC7 News at 900PM on KOFY  KOFY  August 12, 2013 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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>>. >> all right. pencil in labor day weekend. tim line for opening the eastern span of the bay bridge. may getting updat update. again, good evening. the federal government is giving its blessing for possibly opening the bridge as
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original nell planned on september 3rd. most recent problem involved 32 of the bridge steel rod remember the fastener that held tight a seismic strengthening structure on the bridge. she snapped when tighten. did he vase retrofitted with temporary fix as well as a long-term solutio solution. bridge officials have been waiting for an update from the fetd highway administration and tonight that is in. so here's the letter the agency were to the california department of transportation. gives approval to move ahead on plan to fix bad bolt on the bay bridge. specifically it says we see no reason to delay opening the bridge to traffic prior to the sheer key retrofit being complete. so the possibility of opening day right after labor day is potentially an option once again. in case that bears out the highway patrol is arranging schedules to provide round the clock shifts just in case. it has been on-again off-again now it may on again. we keep you up to date.
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>> baseball fan fell to his death during tonight braves game at turner field in atlant atlanta. police say the man fell 65 feet from a stadium platform located in upper level and landed in private parking lot. he was taken to the4%a-ho foul play not suspected just tragic accident. the braves hosting the philadelphia phillies this week. death is the second fatal fall at turner field. spectator died in 2008 after falling 150 feet from upper deck concourse. >> well now to a radical reform being proposed by attorney general holder. he spoke in san francisco about the drug related offenses filling the prison system. prison population in the united states is 1.5 million at this point. in fact we house 25% of the world prisoner even though the united states has only 5 percent of the world populatio population. mispolitical reporter mark with the reform
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he has in mind and reaction. >> speaking to bar association attorney general holder said criminal charges will be changed. >> certain low level non-violent drug offenders who have no tie to gng or cartel will in longer be charged with offenses that impose draconian mandatory minimum sentences. >> u.s. attorney for california northern district sat in the front row for holder speech but ducked out revving our request for reaction. the president of the american bar association says federal judges she heard from are in favor of holder plan. >> this is something they want discretionçó. minimum sentencig is one of the most difficult things that they are rivrd to do. >> san francisco da told reporters he's thinking of state wide initial that i have would reduce simple drug possession to miss did he mean or. >> automatically reduce sentence to go one year. i think right thing to do. >> holder did not talk about the federal raids on by area
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pot dispensary or the fact that federal law contradicts the legalizing of medical mayor juan. defense attorney legalization advocate told me he's delighted by holder position but he suspects the motive. >> it is concept of justice or giving the brick to the lowlp level non-violent criminal. they can't afford the number of prisoners that they have incarcerated. >> holder did say that while the nation population increased by a third since the 1980's the prison population is increased by 800 percent. and blackmail are serving significantly longer sentences than white male convicted of similar crimes. >> this isn't just unacceptabl unacceptable. it is shameful. [applause] it is unworthy of our great country. >> shortly after holder speech, spoke by phone with retired
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federal judge walker who said he was very happy with whether holder had to say. but the operator of the state largest medical marijuana facility said he had hoped for much more. reporting from the newsroom, abc 7 news. >> santa cruz county woman faces charges this evening for impersonate ago nurse at one of the bay area biggest public hospitals. santa clara county sheriff's deputy arrested crystal cook at valley medical center friday. investigators say cook wore surgical scrub and phoney hospital i.d. badge. there is no evidence yet that cook entered any secure areas or treated any patients. she's being released from custody. she has been relessed. other hospital have been asked whether they have seen cook around their facilit facilities. >> governor brown signed ground breaking bill in the law today. it allow the state transgender students to choose which bathrooms they use and on which sports teams they wish to participate. abc 7 news reporter nick smith with the decision and the ramifications. >> it has not been a major
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issue for us. >> prepare to return to school a bill is signed that allow transgender students to participate in sports and other activity as well as use bathroom based on gender identity as opposed to the sex at birth. >> for other school districts not to that point what theñr new law means is that transgender students will be recognized as protected class. >>reporter: giving transgender students the same rights at minority and women. brown could have waited until tuesday to sign the bill but encouraged by san francisco assemblyman tom the bill sponsor to do it now. >> this is to ensure that transgender kid are able to get exactly what every other child deserves which is an opportunity for the education. >> this bill has had its criti critic. some citing it as example of liberalism run amuck and mav could compromise the privacy of other students. >> we need very specific so no misunderstanding and people don't take ambiguity as
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opportunity to deny people their rights. >> ab 1 2 6 6 the first of the kind to spell[ out terms as matter of law. in oakland, 7 news. >> 10-year-old antioch boy still in the hospital tonight after he was severely mauled by a pit bull over the weekend. these are pictures of hunter kill borne from the hospital bed poor guy. uc davis medical center in sacramento that's where he underwent surgery after attacked by at least one dog during visit to his neighbor house to play video games with a friend. >> a lot of apology today over an incident at the giants ballpark and tweet that went viral. baltimore or yells center fielder jones who is black said that someone threw a banana at him last night during the game with the giants and he tweeted about it. vick lee has the story of fall out. >> it happened in the 9th inning. jones had hit a 3 run homer off zito in the top of the inning. juarez is a
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baseball coach at antioch high school. sitting just right of the right field foul pole where he had a good view of jones. >> i saw something float on to the field center field then he picked it up. maybe 2 minutes later dunk it over the center field tent. >> season ticket hold frer antioch says he doesn't know whether it was that landed on the field but he says jones looked irritated. >> he looked and shrugged and disgruntled said something to one of the team mates. >> african americançó center fielder said it was banana that he picked up. he later tweeted i want to thank whatever person threw that banana towards my direction in center field in the last inning. way to show your class. >> that tweet generated lots more in another tweet he said i love how some people are defen defending the actions by someone today. show us how you really are also all good with me. the giants issued a statement today apologizing toxd
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jones and entire orioles team. they say they investigated the incident but unfortunately we have been unable to identify the person responsible. late today the mercury news reported that annual ex an dear contacted the newspaper and said he threw bat nana out on the field. and that he did it because he was upset at the giants 10-2 loss that it was not directed at jones. paper quoted him as saying it was not racially motivated. in hindsight i wish i didn't do it. and i apologize i'm very sorry. >> vick lee abc 7 news. >> city leaders in hayward filing charges against what they call an illegal strike set for 6:00 a.m. tomorrow. that's when 280 workers will walk off the jobs for three days. those positions include librarians. waste water treatment employee. city hall administration positions animal control officers and road crew. city officials say they will try to provide temporary workers to fill the gap.
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>> well tesla founder constantly travels between san francisco and los angeles. he began wondering if there was a better way to commute between those 2 distant location and it turns out that there might be and he's behind it. it's fantastic future like and maybe even feasible. here's 7 news reporter wayne freedman on what they are calling a hyper loop. >>reporter: decades from now the original from the sketches may highly collectible depend on whether transportatio system becomes reality. when the man backing it is billionaire musk. >> he has fiscal ability. insight. and the tenacity to accomplish seemingly impossible tasks. >> here's another. today he proposed transportation system called the hyper loop to connect cities. aluminum pod would travel on small cushion on of compressed air through tube above ground in near vacuum powered by electrical motors solar panel and kinetic energy. travel at hundreds
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even thousands of miles per hour. musk layed out thesnept . >> it would actually feel like being in an airplane. initial acceleration. and once you travel at speed you wouldn't notice the speed at all. >>reporter: it wasç musk who developed pay pal. musk who transition space flight to the commercial sector. and musk with engineer who developed tesla electric car. >> what is fascinate to go me about this is that he is typical of this new generation of hyper entrepreneur. >>reporter: small futurist at stanford and he says this would be decade away and based on existing technology development a product not only of engineering but a big project philosophy. >> among billionaire that's what the status is. status isn't money. status is chang his system can not be derailed
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because there are no rails. he foresee this leaving every 30 seconds. and he said today he plans to build a demonstration project. he did not say where. in san francisco, wayne abc 7 news. >> that is a wild idea. interesting to see if it work. >> plant versus plant. coming up. growing threat facing the bay area billion dollar wine industry. who doesn't like parking at broken meter. well is it legal? tonight the governor makes his final decision on that question. spencer is here with back to work forecast. >> here in the forecast center we look at some of the warmest weather we have seen in quite some timeu! coming our way this week. show you how high the temperatures rights rise in my accu-weather forecast. >> wildfire in tahoe showing no signs of letting up. we have the very latest on it. stay the very latest on it. stay with us.
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>> fire in lake tahoe is growing and now almost 2 square miles and smoke is spilling into reno. patrick walker has more. >> the fire fight is on
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northeast of forest hill. firefighters have relied heavily on 3 helicopters. dropping water on the blaze before wind and heat of the day could fan the fire. >> it's behaving itself fairly much right now but this afternoon it is very critical in terms of winds. >> officials say the fire is no the threatening any buildings but the large plume of smoke is another story. >> smoke was a big issue last night. got a lot of call and concerns smoke from roseville to reno. >> about 150 firefighters battle the blaze tonight. but the number is expected to grow tomorrow morning when type 2 incident management team takes over command of the fire. fire continue to grow the team will be able to handle moreu! resources as fire crew try to keep this fire from racing out of the canyon in. that country it may take awhile before they are able to deal with all parts of the fire. just because of the access issue. >> that is patrick walker
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reporting from tahoe. because of the heavy smoke it is hard to make precise estimates of the fire actual size. >> well back here. wine growers in the north bay are facing a new threat to their grapes. here's the problem. it's called the stink wart. it's a plant. the weed is found in half the state but only now spreading into napa county. that's according to the sacramento bee and while the weed has yet to become a real problem turnenec3%z tiny lk odor may pose a danger with grape near by. it looks like tumble weed and with small yellow flowers it made its first appearance in california in 1994. it's only grown in 3 other states back east. you can no long he get a ticket for parking in front of a broken parking meter. the governor signed bail that end what many people felt was unfair practice by cities. many cities believe vandalism and deliberate jamming of meters might increase if the broke he be meter were not ticketed. motorist may now park in spaces controlled by a
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broken meter for the maximum time allowed by that meter but you still have to be careful. law doesn'txd go into effect until the first of the year. that's a nice break because it's always frustrate with a ticket. can't feed the meter. tried you couldn't then you are feeding the city coffer. >> spencer here back to work we go and heat is coming back. >> it is. not extremely. just pleasant. this is live doppler 7hd and we have some low clouds at the coast and they have been pushing locally through the golden gate out over the bay but not very wide spread but mostly clear sky in the inland location. great view from the are top camera along embarcadero. temperature readings are a cool 56 in san francisco. 59 in oakland mountain view 63. 67 at san jose. 65 los gatos and 55 half moon bay. here's nice view of the bay bridge from the other side from the south beach camera at downtown san francisco. 55 degrees right now at santa rosa. 61 at napa. novato 65. 70 concord 71 at
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livermore now we look back at the sky line of downtown san francisco from our exploring camera look at our forecast feature. we see low clouds near the coast tonight. warmer pattern we have will be in here for the next several days. getting hair and higher. temperatures that is. in fact inland high around 90 degrees or above over the next three days. water vapor satellite image shows a little differentç jet stream flowing over the bay area that help mix out some of the clouds near the coast toda today. giving us a little patches of mostly clear sky interthe coast. follow animation overnight you see low clouds approach the coast and pull back away tomorrow and left with sunny sky in the afternoon from coast to inland and it will be a little bit warmer in virtually all locations. over nature tonight patchy low clouds near the coast. low pressure mainly in the mid 50's upper 50's in some of the inland east bay location and if interested in the meat your shower tonight lack towards this constellation.
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look at the northeast sky between 11:00 p.m. and dawn. best viewing time and if you are inland or on the east side of the bay you probably have a pretty good chance of getting good view of the sky. low clouds will probably be mainly near the coast lane. okay for tomorrow. l excuse me. sunny sky in the south bay. high pressure ranging from mid 70's to mid 80's up to 86 at morgan hill and los gatos. on the peninsula we see high of 72 at san mateo o. 77 at palo alto. on the coast 62 at pacifica. 66 at half man bay. downtown san francisco hi of 68. 65 sunset district up in the north bay nice and warm. high generally in the 80's occupy to 85 calistoga. east bay oakland high at 74. san leandro 76ñi. castro valley sfichbility inland east bay high of 89 at walnut creek. 88 at concord. 89 at spits pittsburgh. hers accu-weather 7 day forecast. 3 nice warm day coming our way.
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tuesday wednesday thursday within land high at or above 90 degrees. few degrees cool down then inlistened high come back to the low mid 90's on sunday and monday even on the coast mid 60's most of the span so nice stretch of warm weather for us. >> not extreme. >> not at all. >> still to come tonight. on 7 news at 9. crash test for dog. just how safe are the restraints. we have some answers just ahead. >> plus seeing the light. new clue
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that's american ingenuity to find new roads. ♪ the 2013 volt. charge ahead of the rest in the hov lane. ♪ >> ever since plate 0people have reported out of body
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experiences and seeing light at the end of the tunnel that sort of thing. they lay near death. now for the first time scientist say they may now have figured out what is behind the experiences. researchers at the university of michigan induced cardiac arrest in rats then looked at their brains. it turns out that there is a burst of brain activity that lasts 30 seconds after the heart stops pumping blood. researchers say the results could aplay to people and expose a biological pwais basis for near death experiences. inability to identify celebrity may an indicator of early on set dimensia. new study by northwestern university suggest the inability to recognize and put a name to celebrity face reliable indicator of early on set dimensia in adults between 40 and 65 years of age. researchers found those with symptoms were only able to recognize famous faces 79 percent of the time. compared to 97 percent in those with no symptoms whatsoever. >> well something that will
9:26 pm
definitely give you second thought about taking your pet for aride. new crash test shows just how dangerous that really is. even if your dog is strapped in tight abc news reporter david curly. >> there isn't a lotu> a lot of these are failing. >> a lot are failing. >> last several months the center for pet safety is using third party test lab to see how the restraint on the market actually work. dully dog wearing several different version. this research being funded by the car company subaru which says one half of its owner are also pet owners. >> my dog bell loves to sit in the back seat with the window down. the problem with the restraint say the pet safety center and subaru is no safety stand arrested. no actual minimum for perform nancy a ca
9:27 pm
car. >>reporter: if worried about a product you own the advice is to go to the maker web site and look for their test video. >> lack for the video. you want to contact the manufacturer. find out what weight the product is tested to. and you want to try and find the product that will allow the photo stay on the seat for the entirety of the video. >>reporter: test with crash test dumpy dog wrapping up. results out this fall could change the debate. and the standard for what is safe. david curly abc news washington. >> judge says deterring crime is always a good idea but not the way new york did it. future of stop and terrific that's coming up. >> baseball hot potato new chapter in the way ward saga of bay area ball player. >> wine tasting menu pretty common. certainly around here but what happens when you turn wine into water. another half wine into water. another half
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>> federal judge says new york city is violating the constitutional rights of millions of innocent people. the city stop and frisk program allows police to search people on the street whether they committed a crime or not. thomas says the fall out couldñi impact police department all across the country. >> encounter like these this fueled the fury. minority claiming routinely targeted by the nypd stop and frisk progra program. in blatant racial profiling. walters says it happened to him. >> i remember them banging my head. >>reporter: he told bill happening too often. >> how many times have you been stopped and frisked. >> 7 times. >>reporter: you are how old. >> 17. >>reporter: today a federal judge ruled that the nypd is
9:32 pm
engaging in discrime nailt nation to encourage officers to search those deemed suspicious. >> black>cñ latino make up 15 percent of the population but 84 percent of those stopped by police were black and latino male. men who brought the suit against the city spoke of justice. >> new york city police department now has to be part of the solution because the judge has agreed with us that it was a big part of the problem. >> but the mayor and police chief issued a warning. >> stop question frisk has saved countless lives and we know that most of those lives saved based on the statistics have been black and hispanic young men. >> judge requiring monitor to oversee nypd practices. calling for trail program for some officers to wear camera to record arrest. they do in increasing number of cities. ruling could happen enormous implication. >> stop and frisk is widely used tactic across police in the country. >> new york city they cut
9:33 pm
homicide significantly. at the same time how do you balance preventing homicide and constitutional rights. that's the real challenge here. >> critical issue does the criminal justice system unfairly target minority? >> abc news washington. >> it took nearly a week but jury today convicted former boston crime boss james whitey bulger for string of murders anç other crimes dating back to the 1970's. jury found him guilty of 31 of 32 charges against him including of 11 murder as well as extortion racketeering and money laundering. >> after 31 years after a lot of fbi coverup deceit and lie we finally have somebody guilty and murder of my father. >>reporter: bulger was one time fbi informant. he became one of the fbi top 10 most wanted criminal after he fled boston in 1994 on the eve of indictment. bulger spent 16 years on the run before being captured in santa monica cam.
9:34 pm
remember back in 2011. 83-year-oldñi faces life in prison. they will appeal. >> we are learning more tonight about hanna anderson ordeal and we are hearing for the first time from the teenager father. 16-year-old was rescued unharmed yesterday after fbi agents shot and killed her suspected kidnapper james difficult imagine yochlt ending a week long hunt for both of them. first time law enforcement revealing dimaggio fired back at the agent when they tried to capture him. tonight hanna is back with her family. father spoke with the media. >> healing process will be slo slow. she has been through a tremendous tremendous horrific ordeal. i'm proudçó of her andi love her very much. she is surrounded by the love of her family. friend. and communit community. >> dimaggio suspected of killing hanna mother and 8-year-old brother in his house and setting it ablaze. hanna was not aware of the death until after her rescue.
9:35 pm
>> former secretary of state hillary clinton was in san francisco today to 7 the highest honest from the american bar association. but it is the guessing game over her political future that is getting the most attention now. here's of carolyn tyler. >> she was given a standing ovation and sustained applause approaching the podium. hilary clintonñi was awarded american bar association highest citation. this organization of the nation lawyers applauding what was described as her service to the cause of justic justice. clinton a former lawyer senator the and secretary of state used the occasion to denouns the u.s. supreme court recent decision that struck a blow to the historic 1965 voting rights ac act. she believes that will limit assets for people of color and the poor. >> citizens will be disenfranchised. victimized by the law and instead of served bit and that progress that historical progress to more
9:36 pm
perfect union will go backwards instead of forward. >> clinton says this is the first in a series of speeches on what she views as crucial issues restoring faith in government. which increases speculation she may laying the ground work for 2016 presidential run while she's not talking about it her supporters certainly are. in iowa they recently held a forum called madam president. andrew a steel is the founder of the merge america which trains women to run for office. she's worked with hilary clinton for years. >> i think there is tremendous excitement aboutçó the possibility of her candidacy. i think it's pent-up excitemen excitement. many of us are dying to see a woman president. it's just it's time. 2016 is years away. jason clark is the vice chair of the san francisco republican party. >> we have gone up against hilary before and i think we with welcome an honest and open
9:37 pm
debate about her record and her policy. i don't think there's fear at all but we do find it a little disconcerting that a lot of groups are promoting her candidacy before the president is even over. >> in san francisco carolyn tyler abc 7 news. >>ñ6fd bring you here. potentiy simple solution to protect from west nile virus. coming up. michael talk was experts about ♪
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>> waves for days and trash for eternity. that's what photographers zack discovered on recent trip to java indonesian. waves known for being pristine. currents brought in however rolling as
9:41 pm
well as of trash and debris. he was shooting surfer when he took this. really remarkable"n picture. >> can slight breeze really protect you from mosquitos and west nile virus even. that's the claim being made on the internet you may have seen it so 7 on your side michael finney put it to the test. all right our apology obviously the wrong piece of tape. we'll try to find michael but it was very interesting. deals with whether a fan can actually help( keep a mosquitos away. stay with us. we get that sorted out. tell you about this. 20 dollars for bottle of water. your water will bring you the menu right away. that story is menu right away. that story is next as 7 newsñi
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>> well there's water and then evidently there's water. los angeles restaurant called rays and star bar has 45 page menu dedicated entirely to bottled water. this could only happen in l.a. of course. par much patron sip water from 10 different country. bottle between 8 and 20 dollars. also a 12 dollar tasting menu. many most expensive bottle is one made by the general manager of the restaurant. it is called beverly hills 9 0h 2 0. bottle cost 40 dollars thoughxd cheaper at other location. reporter rob has described champagne of water. >> at this market in beverly hills diner who like the zip code and water have a new way to quechbling their thirst. >> beverly this is is the world first crafted water.
9:46 pm
>> john glubing premium water found mix entered with the fancy wean and champagne at marsell on display at the visitor center. it's natural spring water from northern california that has been finally tuned by this man. >> passion to drink water i love water. >>reporter: martin is axd water connossieur. >> water from the mountains beautiful spring water what i thought is already amazing. we added natural. >>reporter: he won't say what mineral is add the. that's the company secret recipe. but water like this does not come cheap. one liter bottle will cost awe cool 12 dollars. that's a deal he says for h 2 0so good you are using fine wine to cleans our pallet for the water and particular taste. >> we call ultimate taste. silky. smooth. clean. fresh. >> but do most americans have pallet sophisticated enough to pick out a 12 dollar bottle of
9:47 pm
water. sounds like the perfect question for a completely unscientific taste test. we grab some folk off the sidewalk and served up this water. arrow head. and good old fashion tap water. half the people we tested picked beverly hills 9 0h 2 0as the best. but the other half didn't pick the 12 dollar water. >> 12 dollar bats arrow head bottle taste exactly the same. >> this guy picked water. >> i saved 12 dollars thank yo you. >> 3ok quarter rs of them said that somebody would dies 12 dollars for bottle of water is getting soaked. >> how much would you pay. >> at most 2 dollars. >> he's targeting up scale clientele. kind of people who won't look at 12 dollar price tag and instantly think h 2 oh, my. beverly hills, abc 7 news. >> more than sense. the story
9:48 pm
that michael has put together about this rumor you may have heard on the innaturally slight breeze can protect from you mosquitos and even west nile virus. here's what michael found out. >> beautiful day to hang out in your back yard talking with friends. but then unwanted guests show up. mosquitos. now here these guys are just play acting. there are no mosquitos actually biting them or even flying around. but there are mosquitos. brother the to our party by deborah bass from the contra costa county mosquito invector control district. she is showing us mosquitos up close and personal. and giving our group here a quick lesson on mosquitos. >> the male don't bite us. it's the]iñ female. they need e blood for their egg. >> i asked her to either confirm or dispel an internet
9:49 pm
mosquito hack. on line people who swear that you can keep mosquitos away with simple household fan is that true? >> when you have that direct whipped on you mosquitos have hard time flying in the strong wind so brisk breeze is really the key. also the mosquito finds us by how we smell and the carbon dioxide we breathe so with that you will wind on us it gets confused. and pretty much stays out of the area. doesn't know where to find us. >> so it worked. but with the riskñr of west nile virus and other diseases carried by mosquitos the center for disease control and prevention recommend the use of one of 3 repellant. >> one of 3 product. one has ingredient deet in it. one has this pepper plant and this is lemon of oil eucalyptus. cdc recommends us this to wear. >> the bigger the fan and smaller area better the chance to keep mosquitos away. turns
9:50 pm
out many mosquitos are not good fliers and you can use that against them. i'm michael 7 on against them. i'm michael 7 on your side st. >> talk with spencer about the forecast. look at low clouds along the coast line. pushing through the golden gate. tomorrow state wide nice and sunny and warm all across the board from coast to inland to the central valley to the sierra here in the bay area we see high pressure climbing up to about 90 degrees and warmest i object land location tomorro tomorrow. inland east bay up to 90. 80's south by. 70's around the bay. here's accu-weather 7 day forecast. we have 3 warm days coming our way tomorrow wednesday thursday within land high right around or just above 90 degrees. temperatures will drop-off few degrees friday saturday and we warm right back up again on sunday monday. it's a very pleasant week. >> looks like it. thank you very much. >> sports director is here with all the sports. off disturbing story tonight. >> this is real concern tonight
9:51 pm
in ber berkeley. a lot of scared look on faces. freight engine scene at cal football practice. latest on strong safety sebastian taken off in safet[ male announcer ]off in what is performance?
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0 to 60? or 60 to 0? [ tires screech ] how a car performs in a quarter-mile? [ engine revs ] or a quarter-century? is performance about the joy of driving? or the importance... of surviving. to us, performance is not about doing one thing well. it is about doing everything well. because in the end... everything matters.
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the best or nothing. that is what drives us. a. >> coming up tonight at 11:00. asian airlines make major claim about the crash of flight 14. why it's not sitting well with survivors. >> also credit card mix up. what happened when card was returned to the wrong person? those stories and more coming up on 7 news at 11:00 over on channel 7. now that larry is here with all the sports and really an unnerving situation tonight. >> well goodies everybody can relax and take a deep breath he's going to be okay. many scary night this evening ended with players in tears. safety avery sebastian taken off in ambulance motionless. the good news would come 2 and half hours later. he's going to be looks like. video from the spring game. he was projected to be a starter playing strong safety. today in practice he
9:55 pm
made a big hit and could not get up. sebastian was on the ground for about 15 minutes. did not appear to be moving at all. ambulance arrived and took him to high land hospital. jury out of fort lauderdale does now have movement in all of his extremity. and was quoted as saying i want to thankçó everyone for their positive thoughts and prayers. but for few hours there let me tell you it was touch and good. a lot of nervous people at ca cal. moving on. pre-season game. don't usually mean all that much friday night different when the 49ers face their old quarterback alex smith first time since the off season trade to cans city. smith endured 8 turmoil filled season with the 49ers. he was the savior. then the scapegoat. then he was the leader. last season ultimately injured. and replaced by kaepernick. smith welcome by the chief. they need vet run quarterback and niners line up against him friday in kc. coach harbaugh is not sappy not
9:56 pm
emotional but expressed genuine admiration for alex. >> personal with alex. so feel like a great friendship there and a lot of history. no longer on our team. not trusted agent any more. competitive he is and wants to win and we do as well. >> first time for everything and you are right we never got chance to hit him. this time we can so we are lacking forward to it. and i know alex knows we are coming. >> spoken like a true defensive player. >> on to baseball. score board has begun for a they finish up the 4 game series with matinee in toronto. red sox play the j there tomorrow chris young watched this. starts the game with bang. 4 25 foot blast to give the a a lead. dan kind of erratic at times this year but
9:57 pm
7 and third today struck out 5. third engine. still 1 nothin nothing. the chopper to brett laury bare handed and the gun got him. not to be out done bottom half of the inning. jose baptist deep in the hole and this is jed laury. stretches out for the out. alberto had tie breaking double in yesterday win. does it again today. donaldson and most score and a's in the 9th to win 5-1. 3 of 4 in the series and they remain 1 game behind texas in the al west because the rangers beat houston today. the flirt with no hitter for most of the game. get nothing and like it. struck out 15. rob grossman strike 3 off foul tip. no hitter to the eighth. carlos well that ends everything. no hitter. shut out. gone. he gets the win. 2-1 with 15 k.
9:58 pm
so texas stays 1 up on oak land. at this point adam probably doesn't know who to root for or how long. the a's the rangers. he has been claimed by texas yet again. he was with a most of the year. released august 2nd. he was scooped up because they wanted him except they let him go 3 day later then the the a claim him back on the fifth. well when they needed a roster spot they designated him through seenment and the rangers reclaimed him again today. giants first baseman belt up and down the season up up hay lately and just name the national league player of the week. hits 4 40 last week with 3 double 2 homeers. changed the grip at the plate and seems to be working. >> the perfect photo. winning pose. you know this. lightning bolt this weekend at the world championship in moscow take a lack at the
9:59 pm
picture that was snapped. bolt of lightning in the sky. right. as bolt finished victorious 100 meter. as i go into weather department territory. some people wonder whether it is photo shop but that's just me. amazing finish to the women 400. she thought it was won but christine takes the gold by a nose. good stuff. >> interesting bolt at the end of that race. >> i don't know. doctor tonight. >> thanks very much. >> that's this edition of 7 news here on tv 20. for all of us here, we appreciate your time see you in an hour over on time see you in an hour over on channel 7. goodbye for now
10:00 pm
( doorbell rings ) - what? - hey, mrs. reynolds. what do you want? uh, frank sent me over to pick up his toupee. - his toupee? - yup.


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